Integrative-Studies is the investigation and research division of NWSC Inc (a Native-Afghan think tank). Ideas created here evolve into concepts that can be turned over to our Integrative-Action division for implementation. The four detailed solutions posted (solutions 1, 15, 19, and 24) from the twentyfour listed are just examples of what we are capable of producing. We seek research and development funds to examine the remaining solutions.

Integrative-Studies is the non-profit side of our business.

Integrative-Action takes those ideas to the market place for profit.

Those who want to contribute ideas can submit them through our Afghan Forum; and you can go to the Forum and make a donation so that we can maintain and enhance the quality of this website, allowing it to grow and develop to its full potential.

Afghanistan has no stock exchange, nor does it have an investment fund. We are structuring “Biz Jirgah to Biz Jirgah” as an “Afghan Investment Fund Management Group” that will raise funds and create/review sustainable projects. We then manage, control, dispense and monitor those funds to produce businesses and jobs in Afghanistan (with training and oversight) for all, including the average person on the street. Our goal is to work directly with the people of Afghanistan in the rebuilding of their own nation.

Rather than spend billions of dollars to insulate American advisers from the Afghan people with expensive private security firms, we can spend just millions by training Afghans to take on new roles in their own economic and social development. By setting up training camps and bringing in Afghans and teaching them how to build their own nation through the “Biz Jirgah to Biz Jirgah” philosophy; we can save billions.

This would be done in a non-Afghan Government private sector way (beyond the alleged hands of corruption). Development funds would finally be targeted to reach the street people level.

If you have questions or want to participate, please contact us.

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