The world has grown more and more reliant to IT solutions in business operations. Improvements in
technology pushes companies to rely on the latest IT platforms that are stable to help them with every
aspect of their business.

Star Solutions Malaysia is a Customer Relationship Management company that employs full service
marketing using CRM software. They deliver user-friendly software delivers customer information plus
can be customized to the software experience defined by the company.
In this fast-moving world, the company is familiar with the digital landscape to help address business
needs through simple but effective CRM solutions. A complete suite of software is available for purchase
with the accompanying training for a less complicated transition.

The company’s focus is on helping clients improve their relationships with customers through their
software. It provides a unique experience for their customers which allows them to acquire new one,
improve customer retention, and attract more clients to their business. They have team of 80 people who are experts in data management, technology, and marketing that drive the success of their software and services. This allows the company to deliver high end services while offering them at a lower (2)

Businesses served by the company have diverse needs because they operate in separate industries. A
unique combination of their software and services helps them tailor the CRM system to each client so
that it fits in well with their operations.All the necessary tools are provided in their system to help deal with customers effectively. Clients can create their own customer-friendly environment using their system which users can use as a guide/resource to become a customer relations expert.

The customization option also allows clients to change the customer climate their system creates to the
changing market and consumer attitudes. This allows them to build their customer relationships even
better using customer information to target varying customers. CRM systems from Star Solutions are straightforward. They have the tools to ensure different business needs such as customer loyalty, telemarketing, market campaigns, customer service help desks, and sales information.

The systems employed will help business productivity to improve sales and revenue generation. It also
collects customer data for analysis and interpretation so that companies can use this information to
learn more about their business and its customers. Pricing for Star Solutions CRM software and services is simplified so that clients will get an idea of the cost of the new system. This allows clients to prioritize the tools and services needed for their business to address the immediate problems they have. Business owners can also incorporate the right kind of system for their budget without the burden of additional fees with continued use.

Star Solutions continues to bring in more people to develop their software. The desire to innovate their
systems constantly helps them stay ahead of their competitors to become the leading CRM Software
Systems provider in Malaysia. They have the right attitude for a CRM solutions company which is why their client list is impressive. It continues to grow catering to big name corporations from the IT, telecommunications, energy, to the hospitality industry. A proven track record helps them maintain their status and get clients across
several industries.


Penetration testing is one of the primary tools that can be used against hackers to help prevent attacks. There are a couple of different ways that penetration testing can be done. One option is to use a software program to automatically try to infiltrate a system. Another option is to rely on an actual person to try to hack into the system and spot any weak areas. Ultimately, the goal of this type of testing is to detect how threats may occur. The findings are then reported to the business owner along with advice on how to fix any problems.

Through the use of penetration testing, a company can get a far better idea of where its vulnerabilities lie. The testing can also be used to determine whether or not a company’s employees are following proper safety protocols when using their computers. Although it may seem strange to hire someone to try to hack into your system, it is one of the most effective ways to spot potential entry points that could be exploited by hackers.

Throughout Malaysia, there are a lot of different service providers who specialize in penetration testing servicing. Each company usually has their own set of techniques and protocols that they follow when trying to break into a system.

* Working with the cooperation of the IT department. One option is for the company to work in conjunction with the IT department of the business that hired them. This allows everyone to see exactly what is happening during the test.

This type of testing, which is referred to as targeted testing, is one of the more affordable ways to test your system. The primary focus of the testing is on the technical aspects of the network including its overall design. Although this approach can be effective, it is lacking in certain areas. For instance, you may still have hidden vulnerabilities that are not discovered by this type of testing or there may be a weak point in your ability to respond to an attack that you aren’t aware of until it is too late.penetration-testing1

*Testing from the outside. Another type of penetration testing tests a company’s servers from the outside as if there is an attacker outside of the company trying to get in. These attacks could target everything from DNS servers to email servers or external firewalls. The goal of this type of testing is to figure out whether or not hackers can access the system and to assess how much damage they can do after they get in.

* Testing from the inside. Another option is to try to see how much damage can be done from inside the company itself. This type of testing is beneficial for determining whether or not a disgruntled employee could harm the system or could somehow access or destroy valuable information.

* Simulating an actual attack. Known as blind testing, this type of penetration testing utilizes an outside party that has no specific knowledge of how the company’s systems are set up. Typically, the only information that they have is the name of the business. Although this type of testing can be beneficial, it can also be quite costly.

* Limiting knowledge of the test inside the company. Double-blind tests are designed to test the response capabilities of the company’s IT department. With this type of penetration testing, only a few people within the company know that the testing is going to be taking place. An outside hacker tries to break into the system and the company’s response is tracked and monitored. This can help identify weak points in the response time or the overall protocol for dealing with an attack.

Hacking and other types of online attacks happen every day. Businesses of all sizes should be prepared. Penetration testing can provide actionable information that can be used to correct any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the system.

As hackers and malicious software programs become more advanced, companies in Malaysia need to do everything they can to keep up. Penetration testing can be a powerful tool to fight against these types of attacks read more about this at Firmus.

In today’s world, people love celebrating anything and everything. This includes achievements, holidays, marriage and much more. Birthdays are one of the most celebrated occasions, and with that said, here are some tips for planning a great celebration whether you are planning on your own or having a birthday party organizer.

1. The Guest List– Figure out how many people you are going to invite. Do this before anything because you want to know what size venue you should get and how much food to make and things of that nature. Knowing how many people will be coming is one of the most important things.

2. Food– Eating food is one of the best parts about a birthday party. You can cook food yourself or have it catered from a local restaurant. You can request that guests bring a dish with them.

Let’s not forget to mention a birthday cake for dessert, which is even more important if the person is a child. You can bake a cake yourself or order it from a local bakery, but making a cake from scratch is probably easier than you think. You can also serve other stuff with the cake. This includes ice cream, cupcakes and various types of candy.

3. Decorations– A birthday party wouldn’t be a party without the right decorations. They are important for all types of birthday celebrations. When you know what the theme of the party will be, then you can start shopping around for decorations that will set the mood for the birthday party.

Party hats, tablecloths and wall hangings are excellent decorations. So are balloons and confetti. Let’s not forget about other stuff too, such as disposable dishes, cups, napkins and straws that will go with the theme of the party.event-1

4. Games And Activities– You need a great venue for a party, as well as food that all your guests will enjoy. Also, you need the right types of decorations to set the mood. However, you also need something else that will complement the party, and that something else is games and activities.

No party would be complete without game sand activities. It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a party for a child or an adult, games and activities are a must. Let’s face it, everyone loves games, regardless of their age.

Some of the best games include board games, charades, twister and a pinata. Ask the guest of honor what kind of games and activities they would like at their party. Knowing what they want can help make the day extra special and they will enjoy it that much more. With so many games and activities to choose from, it should be no problem finding ones that they will enjoy.

Planning a good birthday party doesn’t require strenuous work, but you do want to put your best foot forward. The above list and advice in this article should help you. With that said, have fun planning the party and enjoy it when the big day arrives. or hire a party planner in KL.  Also, feel free to refer back to this article as the day approaches because you may need a refresher.