Penetration testing is one of the primary tools that can be used against hackers to help prevent attacks. There are a couple of different ways that penetration testing can be done. One option is to use a software program to automatically try to infiltrate a system. Another option is to rely on an actual person to try to hack into the system and spot any weak areas. Ultimately, the goal of this type of testing is to detect how threats may occur. The findings are then reported to the business owner along with advice on how to fix any problems.

Through the use of penetration testing, a company can get a far better idea of where its vulnerabilities lie. The testing can also be used to determine whether or not a company’s employees are following proper safety protocols when using their computers. Although it may seem strange to hire someone to try to hack into your system, it is one of the most effective ways to spot potential entry points that could be exploited by hackers.

Throughout Malaysia, there are a lot of different service providers who specialize in penetration testing servicing. Each company usually has their own set of techniques and protocols that they follow when trying to break into a system.

* Working with the cooperation of the IT department. One option is for the company to work in conjunction with the IT department of the business that hired them. This allows everyone to see exactly what is happening during the test.

This type of testing, which is referred to as targeted testing, is one of the more affordable ways to test your system. The primary focus of the testing is on the technical aspects of the network including its overall design. Although this approach can be effective, it is lacking in certain areas. For instance, you may still have hidden vulnerabilities that are not discovered by this type of testing or there may be a weak point in your ability to respond to an attack that you aren’t aware of until it is too late.penetration-testing1

*Testing from the outside. Another type of penetration testing tests a company’s servers from the outside as if there is an attacker outside of the company trying to get in. These attacks could target everything from DNS servers to email servers or external firewalls. The goal of this type of testing is to figure out whether or not hackers can access the system and to assess how much damage they can do after they get in.

* Testing from the inside. Another option is to try to see how much damage can be done from inside the company itself. This type of testing is beneficial for determining whether or not a disgruntled employee could harm the system or could somehow access or destroy valuable information.

* Simulating an actual attack. Known as blind testing, this type of penetration testing utilizes an outside party that has no specific knowledge of how the company’s systems are set up. Typically, the only information that they have is the name of the business. Although this type of testing can be beneficial, it can also be quite costly.

* Limiting knowledge of the test inside the company. Double-blind tests are designed to test the response capabilities of the company’s IT department. With this type of penetration testing, only a few people within the company know that the testing is going to be taking place. An outside hacker tries to break into the system and the company’s response is tracked and monitored. This can help identify weak points in the response time or the overall protocol for dealing with an attack.

Hacking and other types of online attacks happen every day. Businesses of all sizes should be prepared. Penetration testing can provide actionable information that can be used to correct any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the system.

As hackers and malicious software programs become more advanced, companies in Malaysia need to do everything they can to keep up. Penetration testing can be a powerful tool to fight against these types of attacks read more about this at Firmus.

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